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Handball tours and handball tournaments : a great handball experience

Handball tours : why is it so good and convenient to come and play in France? COMEON SPORT help foreign clubs in organizing their trips or pre-season tours to France COMEON SPORT has developed partnerships with many clubs and teams all over the country to allow you to spend a great week-end with your team with challenging ...


How to organise a sport tour overseas?

SPORTS TOURS for TEAMS How do we organise a sport tour overseas for a group, a teams from your club or your school? Organising a sport tour for a team (club, school, academies etc….) needs a preparation and the following steps can help you. Anyway, with our agency, we take you under our wings  and therefore, ...


How to organise a sport tour in 2025 – 2026

Sport tours in 2025 – 2026: how you team will travel? Sport travel Wherever your sports club come from London, Liverpool, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sydney, Pretoria or New York, in general, many sports teams choose to go on a sport tour every season, all together, during Schools Holidays or Bank Holidays! After this awful year (Covid), most ...


How to organize a rugby tour. Forms & permissions

Book with confidence with ComeOn Sport Teams tours and permissions. Organising a rugby tour overseas needs time, patience and organization skills. Going on tour is a fantastic way to discover a new country, a new culture, to build team spirit, morale and identity. Tours are a long-standing tradition of rugby in many countries and the ...


Rugby Tours & rugby tournaments to France in 2025-2026

  Rugby tours and rugby tournaments in France Minis, Juniors, Seniors and veterans rugby tours to France –  Wanna come to France in 2025 or 2026 with your rugby teams? Wanna do a great rugby trip? ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours is a French company. France is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the World and ...


A sport tour in France and a good sport experience with ComeOn Sport

Travelling to France Travelling to France with your sport team is a great experience. France is a beautiful country and many tourists come and visit our country every year. Like many other coaches and teachers, take your sport team to France and you will enjoy a fabulous time. Choosing France for your sport tours is ...


ComeOn Sport-European Veteran Rugby Association

Veterans rugby ComeOn Sport and European Veteran Rugby Association have agreed to work together in order to improve links between France and Germany in promoting rugby. European Veteran Rugby Association was in October 2010 and is a non-profit sports organisation. EVRA is based in Heidelberg, Germany and today, 38 veteran clubs/teams and rugby personalities from 14 different countries ...



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