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Veterans rugby

ComeOn Sport and European Veteran Rugby Association have agreed to work together in order to improve links between France and Germany in promoting rugby. European Veteran Rugby Association was in October 2010 and is a non-profit sports organisation. EVRA is based in Heidelberg, Germany and today, 38 veteran clubs/teams and rugby personalities from 14 different countries in Europe have joined in. ComeOn Sport, as a sport agency, will join and help the organisation in developing contacts and promoting rugby events in Europe exclusively open to veterans rugby teams. 

Veterans rugby tours & tournaments

Evra is the European Veterans Rugby Association and its aims is to promote Veterans Rugby in Eastern European Countries.  Several Veterans Rugby Tournaments will be again organised in 2023-2024

ComeOn Sport will be again part of it. Wherever your veteran rugby team come from Dublin, Limerick, Glasgow, Exeter, Liverpool or Bristol, rely on ComeOn Sport for your next rugby tour ! Your veterans rugby team will be super treated and the guys will enjoy visiting a new country and spending time with local people.

In 2019 and 2020, many veteran rugby teams will travel to France and Europe with ComeOn Sport. Follow our official Facebook page to discover more details!


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