Visit France with your sport team

What to know when visiting France with your team

Travelling to France

Travelling to France with your sport team is a great experience. France is a beautiful country and many tourists come and visit our country every year. Like many other coaches and teachers, take your sport team to France and you will enjoy a fabulous time.

Choosing France for your sport tours is a good decision and choosing a french sport agency to organise it part of this good decision ! Once you have decided to come to France with your sport team, what do you need to know about your destination? France is the world’s top tourist destination, with 83 million foreign playing tours in France comeon sporttourists. Or country remains the global leader, with the dynamic tourism sector combined the effect of a new, emerging clientele and a broader range of things on offer to international tourists. Where else in the world can you find such a high concentration of classic art, celebrated architecture, stylish boutiques, award-winning restaurants, chic galleries and world-class wineries?

An experience of 20 years

Some reasons our customers keep coming back  : ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours provide your team with a high level of sport services and coaches know it. Your are in safe hands with us. Our team of specialists are always able to offer the best advice on how to maximise the value of the trip and the experience in France. ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours has organised over 1500 sport tours since 2004 !

Here is below some light and practical information about France before arriving here. Our great purchasing power in addition of our great local knowledge enable our team to deliver a very good quality of service and for a good value for money. Local assistance and informations are given to clubs and teams while they are in France in order to provide the coach with everything he/she needs to know.

What to know when coming to France in 2023- 2024 – 2025:

Covid 19 pandemic : Because of the pandemic, some requirements have been set to protect yourselves and other people. You can visit France Diplomacy website to check updates Before you travel, check carefully the current entry restrictions and the latest updates.

Customs The necessary procedures to enter France : For the adults, a valid identity card or passport is required For minors traveling in a group, make sure that they carry an authorization for travelling. Since the Brexit happens, UK citizens must present their passport to enter our country and Europe in general. You can visit France Diplomacy website to check the process.

French territory
Are France’s borders closed? No, the borders are not closed, but you may find some checks at entry points to the French territory (road, rail, port and airport crossing points). In that case, the documents that must be presented during border controls are the same as those usually required for nationals of your country. However, delays are to be expected in airports and stations served by international services (Thalys, Eurostar, etc.).


Do Europeans need their passports to enter France? Citizens of European Union Member States need a valid identity document team travel arrangements to France(ID card or passport). Generally, the documents required to enter France are the same as usual. For other nationalities traveling as a sport group, make sure that all documents and Visas are valid. Always check with the French consulate in your country of origin.


Time lag France is an hour in advance all year long. Like Ireland, France change the time on the same days. When it is 10 am in the UK and Ireland, it is already 11 am in France!

What to know when considering a sport trip or playing tours in France with your team?

Groups Is there any specific advice for groups? No specific restrictions have been placed on groups of travellers, who must however comply safe sport tripswith the general instructions given by the public authorities.


You are more than welcome in France. Below are the official websites of Atout France, the French Agency for promoting our country. To get more details about ho to organise a aport tour, read our informations and advices.

For rugby tours, if you plan to take your teams abroad, read our advice about getting permissions and tour’s approval.


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