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Sports tours, teams travel, tournaments, pre-season trips and sport preparation : here are the goals of ComeOn Sport-ComeOn Tours. Book your sport tour

ComeOn Sport-ComeOn Tours is a French sports agency created in 2005 that give a high quality of organisation for your tour to France. With a great 15-year-experience, we are able to deliver we are able to deliver the a high quality of sport tours at the best value for money, thanks to our great network of clubs, schools, academies, partnerships with hotels chains, coaches and all suppliers. Each team is different, each team has its own needs, its now budget, no two teams are the same, no two teams has the same budget or want the same so this is why we at ComeOn Sport-ComeOn Tours provide you with a “tailor made sport solution” at the best price.


A high quality of sport trips & tournaments

Choosing a French sport agency for discovering France on a rugby tour, football tour, hockey trip or basketball tournament is the best choice to do when you want discover our country. Why? Simply because we are based in France and have a great 15-year-experience. Working with the hotel industry, the transport industry & the tourist industry, we always use the best suppliers in terms of accommodation, transportation and activities and always calculate the best price and the fair price for each tour. We provide local assistance to teams travelling to France and provide a high standing of quality. We are proud to offer the best services. Always.

We provide tailored global sports packages for leading sports teams, schools and clubs of all age groups and all levels of ability from veterans, senior sides and social teams to universities, schools and youths.  How it works? Visit our website, choose your destination, your tour package and the period you wanna travel and get in touch with us in order to check availability/prices . Easy and direct, we let you know what is possible and what your team will get for the price. `

Get in touch with us to learn more. book your tournament and tour for your club and school





comeon toursComeOn TOURS is a brand dedicated to the organization of tailor-made sports tours & playing tours for clubs and sports teams.

come on tourComeOn EVENTS is a brand dedicated to the creation and organization of sports events from A to Z in partnership with sports clubs.

comeon advertsComeOn ADVERTS is a brand dedicated to the promotion of existing events and organized by sports clubs.



Sport tours = ComeOn Tours / ComeOn Sport


Strongly experienced (15 years), we always offer you the best services for your trip according to your needs and budget. Why spend more when you can spend less? Tailor made sport packages are made at the good value. We at ComeOn Sport/ComeOn Tours provide you with a “tailor made sport tour” at the best price. Since 2005, over 1000 teams have toured our country and Europe with us.



Who and where are our clients? Since 2005, our agency operates in sport tours and festivals. Most of our clients are from Europe and the UK/Ireland more specially. We also welcome South African sport teams (rugby, football) and also from teams from Switzerland, Belgium, Lebanon, the USA, Australia etc…. We deal with amateur sport teams and also sport federations or sport comitees in many sports such like Basketball Wales, Basketball Scotland, Handball Great Britain, Sussex Rugby, Midlands Rugby, Scottish rugby, Leinster rugby, pro teams, Belgian Hockey, USA hockey…..and are always keen on welcoming other new teams (swimming teams, running etc….)  Playing tours, rugby tours, hockey tournaments, soccer tours, Basketball tours etc…. Sport tours provide youth teams with the opportunity to travel to and compete against sport teams from other countries in Europe or further. Visit our sport packages on our website and find out your next tour! With ComeOn Sport, you save time and money and get the best deal for your sport tour.

Fully protected

ComeOn Sport is fully protected and covered in terms of insurance. Our General Liability Insurance is the fundamental insurance that most businesses have and ComeOn Sport are covered by HISCOX for its activities (HISCOX Insurance Co Ltd Contract n° HA RCP 0281587).


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