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How to organise a sport tour

How would we do about organising a sport tour for a group? Organising a sport tour for a team (club, school, academies etc….) needs a preparation and the following steps can help you. Anyway, with our agency, we take you under our wings  and therefore, you don’t need to worry too much for the organisation! ...


A sport tour in France with ComeOn Sport

Sports tours and Travel, Teams Tours in France  Travelling to France with your sports team is a great experience. Like many other coaches and teachers, take your team to France and you will enjoy a fabulous time. Playing tours with us. Choosing France for your sport tours is a good decision and choosing a french ...


Rugby Tours to France in 2019-2020-2021

  Rugby tours and rugby tournaments in France Minis, Juniors, Seniors and veterans rugby tours to France –  Wanna come to France in 2019 and 2020? Wanna be in  great rugby trip with us? France is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the World. Discover it with your rugby teams ! Like many ...


ComeOn Sport : the best travel arrangements for teams tours since 2004

Choose the best travel arrangements for Sports Tours When sports groups and sports teams travel to France, they want to be at the best place at the best moment and at the best price. Logical but not that easy when you don’t know the country. Whether you’re the athlete, the fan, the coach or part of ...


Stay in modern and confortable youth hostels in Paris

When travelling with your sport teams Accommodation When touring abroad, most of teams don’t know where they will stay during the week-end or the week. Accommodation is part of all sport tours. It represents about 40%-50% of the total budget of the trip. Because a bad accommodation can ruin a sport tour (bad quality or ...


Handball tours and Tournaments

Handball tours : why is it so good and convenient to come and play in France? COMEON SPORT help foreign clubs in organizing their trips or pre-season tours to France COMEON SPORT has developed partnerships with many clubs and teams all over the country to allow you to spend a great week-end with your team with challenging ...


Benefits of Touch Rugby

Touch rugby. What is it? ComeOn Sport, focused in sports organisation and rugby especially is pleased to lightly present all benefits of playing Touch Rugby. Touch Rugby is more or less a “non contact sport” To resume, what is Touch Rugby ? Touch Rugby is a sport derived from rugby; it places emphasis on running, agility, and ...


Baseball tours and baseball tournaments

Baseball tours and baseball tournaments in France & Belgium. ComeOn Sport, focused in facilitating relationships between sports clubs in France, Europe and around the world is pleased to welcome several baseball teams every season in France in the Spring and also in the Autumn. Baseball has risen up during the last 20 years in France and ...


How to organise a sport tour in 2020 – 2021

Sport tours in 2020 and 2021 : how you team will travel? Sport travel Wherever your sports club come from London, Cardiff, Berlin, Sydney Pretoria or Dublin, in general, many sports teams choose to go on a sport tour every season, all together, during Schools Holidays or Bank Holidays! Sport tours are usually booked with external ...


France will organise the World Rugby Cup in 2023

ComeOn Sport, focused in sports organisation and rugby especially is pleased to inform all rugby fans that the World Rugby Cup in 2023 will be hosted in France !. The decision has just been taken in London this Wednesday and France has been being named as the official hosts of the WRC 2023. In this process, in the first round of voting, ...


ComeOn Sport set up a partnership with Komm Mit

Football tournaments 2019-2020. ComeOn Sport – Komm Mit. ComeOn Sport and Komm Mit, the Germany company, have agreed in a partnership for the period 2017-2019 in order to promote football tournaments in Europe and especially in France. For decades now, the KOMM MIT international youth football tournaments have been a fixed date in the schedule for the upcoming football season ...


ComeOn Sport-European Veteran Rugby Association

Veterans rugby ComeOn Sport and European Veteran Rugby Association have agreed to work together in order to improve links between France and Germany in promoting rugby. European Veteran Rugby Association was in October 2010 and is a non-profit sports organisation. EVRA is based in Heidelberg, Germany and today, 38 veteran clubs/teams and rugby personalities from 14 different countries ...



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