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ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours organize sports tours, tournaments, travel arrangements, pre-season tours and sport preparation during the winter period for teams.  Since 2005, our agency has organised over 1500 tours for teams. We at ComeOn Sport/ComeOn Tours provide you with a “tailor made sport solution” at the best price because no 2 teams are the same and have the same needs

A great network of professionals

or budget. We listen to you, udnerstand your needs and respect your budget. From the first time you get in touch with us, you will receive a very quick response and a warm exchange of emails/calls and then, we will provide your team with a quick quote so that you know the budget to consider.  You are in safe hands with ComeOn Sport. Sports tours international

Our packages and prices of sport tours

Our website is designed to provide your team with an overview of our range of solutions about sport tours, tournaments, pre-season tours and sort camps. Visit our website, find some destinations and options you want to have and get in touch with us to check availabilities and prices. ComeOn Sport will propose you a tailor made package at a tailor made price. No matter where you want to travel in France, our great contacts with clubs, hotels and suppliers enable our company to deliver a high standing of quality and efficiency. Our package and prices are tailor made.

A 19-year experience in sport tours

We propose and realise turnkey travel solutions to clubs, teams, schools and academies.  Organising tours for sport teams has been our core business since 2005 and therefore, we have got a 15-year-experience. Sport teams can rely on us. Enquire us quickly so that we can offer you the best solution at the best value ! ComeOn Tours ComeOn Sport are specialists.  We deliver comprehensive services and can also propose you tailor made tours upon request.

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Whatever you want to do, we listen to you and realise what you really want and need. Sports trips, pre-season-tours or sport trips, international friendly matches, training camps, friendly sport festivals or tournaments, friendly fixtures and summer/winter sport camps. Going on tour, especially after the Covid period, is necessary. It gives a great end to the season. In February – March, May or June or even at the beginning of the season (more and more teams tend to tour in September- October), it’s always good to go abroad. Feel free to get in touch with our agency. Our experts will answer you with a quote and a package.

Sports tours

End of season travel for your team!
Organizing a sporting tour for your overseas team has never been easier with ComeOn Sport, we take care of the entire organization so you can fully enjoy your stay!

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Pre-season tours

Pre-season tours, sport preparation, winter preparation, we help your team getting fit and ready!

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Competitions logistics

Assistance in the organization of sports trips in competitions

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Tournaments & festivals

Logistical and sports support for participation in a tournament

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Tailor made arrangements

You have a precise and personalized need in terms of sports travel, organization, we take care of it!

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Find out more about our playing tours, pre-season tours, destinations, camps, festivals and tournaments !


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