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Your sport tour : our duty

Sport tours in 2019 and 2020 : how you team will travel?

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Wherever your sports club come from London, Cardiff, Berlin, Sydney Pretoria or Dublin, in general, many sports teams choose to go on tour every season, all together, during Schools Holidays or Bank Holidays! Tours are usually booked with external tour companies who help organise the logistics and content of the trip so that the team doesn’t have to worry about the arrangements. To ensure that your next sport tour or trip is run safely and well managed, choose specialists. Sports tour operators or sports agencies devise, arrange, and promote sport holidays and sport travel options as well as sport games and competitions, working with hotels, and transport companies for ground travel, in order to execute the arrangements and secure the key point of the tour : the GAMES. 
The typical tasks made by our agency include:

  • Providing general & advice about different travel destinations
  • Drawing up sport travel itineraries and ensuring that all the needs of the sport teams are met
  • Making arrangements for transport, accommodation, tours, sport games/fixtures and activities in order to provide you with suitable arrangements

Sport Tours sport travel agency FranceMany operators that deal with group bookings can give you some ideas and rates but only a specialist, based in the country you wanna tour, can provide you with a high standing of service, a great experience and an accurate itinerary. It will better understand your specific sport requirements and will have established sports contacts in the destinations they offer as well as a very good knowledge of the sports played there to ensure that they can provide suitable facilities, training or fixtures for your sport team. The difference is that with a specialist like ComeOn Sport, we provide you with the best possible experience.

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How to organise the tour in 2019 or 2020 ?

A good sport travel agency always use local knowledge in order to provide customers with advice about where to travel as well as the best means of reaching such destinations and play games. That’s what we always do, here at ComeOn Sport. There are several tour operators in the UK and Europe but in terms of sport tours, it’s always better to choose niche operators giving a very specialised service and a high satisfaction. That’s why we have a very good reputation : because we are specialists !

The benefits from a sport tour are numerous and can be resumed by :

Encourage your players and reward them

Have fun all together and learning to know each other better

Discover a new country, a new culture and make friends with other teams

Learn skills from new teams, improve your behavior and way you play within the team, develop more confidence

A short word about how to choose a sports tour agency :

Once you choose the right tour company based in the country you want visit, check their reputation, their experience (number of years) and see if many teams have used their services. A price always reflect the reputation of the company and think that the cheapest deal is never the best one! We, at ComeOn Sport,  provide you with everything you need to make sure that, during your stay, the tour goes well and smoothly. From the very first time you contact us, you will receive a very quick reply and friendly exchange and then, we will provide a quick quotation and explanations of what you get in the price and package.  Our sports tours are fully customizable and no 2 teams get the same tour. Your tour is unique, like your team. 

Wherever your team come from England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, Sweden or Wales, choose ComeOn Sport when travelling to FRANCE. Get in touch with us and see what options and prices we can provide your team with. Choose the best sport travel agency

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