Sports tours and tournaments all over Europe

Discover France with your football team, play some french sides and enjoy visiting our country

Football tours examples

Football tour Lisbon, Portugal



Go to Lisbon (Portugal) for a special sport tour with friendly matches, and training on the Portugal great climat.


Football tour Paris, France



Visit Paris and play games near the PSG territory. It will prepare you to the best season


Football tour Lille & Belgium


Football Sport EN

Visit Lille and play some friends soccer games


You are a football team in a college or school, a football club or a corporate team and you want to go on tour somewhere in France or Belgium during a weekend? If so, let us organise it for your team! ComeOn Sport is a specialist sports service organisation that offers local knowledge, football expertise and creativity in order to build the best football package and abaca all, the best experience. We help you to plan and prepare your tour and organise games, accommodation, transport, assistance….

Tournaments or friendly matches, whether for pleasure or sport, we help you in your preparation and in the organization of the tour from the beginning to the end. We accompany you in your choice of destinations, we advise you on dates and places, cost, number of matches …..  With a team of professionals at your service, organizing a sports tour or a sporting trip, it becomes much easier !! In short, we help you prepare your project from A to Z!  ComeOn Sport welcome many football teams every year in France so what are you waiting for? We will provide your team with a custom-designed tour !

Transport, accommodation, friendly matches or tournament, sightseeing and leisure activities etc… we do everything to make it easier for you! We help you to organize everything to free yourself from these tedious tasks. ComeOn Sport dele with a lot of hotels, hostels, transport and providers in order to get the best deals for your team. ComeOn Sport organize your football tour from A to Z and you will fully enjoy it ! Come to discover our sporting tours by theme (Tournament or friendly matches) and go to the conquest of the Europe by having fun!


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