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Organization of tailor-made sports tours for clubs and sports teams


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ComeOn Sport, your reliable Sports Tours company

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A French company with an European mentality an international culture to fit the requests/needs of your sport team. As a Sports Tours company, ComeOn Sport is one of the foremost French specialists for sports tours and sport organisation and is renowned for its sport experience, tours expertise and its French flair. Our mission is to provide a professional service to sport teams and leisure groups.

Based in France but with a unique experience in the UK & Ireland, ComeOn Sport take care of the details and pay attention to your needs each time you ask us to do something for you. We are proud to be working with some of the most inspirational sporting destinations in France and Belgium bringing a very good knowledge, innovative touring ideas and a friendly approach to our clients.

Our aim is to give you the best French experience and development for your sport team, whether you are taking a strong team to tournaments, a new team for some pre-season bonding or rewarding your group at the end of the season.

A great network and knowledge had given us some very good assets for tours organisation.


What is ComeOn Sport ?

ComeOn Sport was created in 2005 and has organized over 1500 sport tours for rugby club, hockey clubs, football clubs, basketball clubs in France and Europe.

ComeOn Sport is a French sport agency that give a high quality of organization for your tour to France. We are one of the leaders of the Sports events travel on the French market as well as corporate hospitality and travel tips about sports vacation in France. Rugby tours, hockey tournaments, basketball tours, football tours etc…. Sport tours provide youth teams with the opportunity to travel to and compete against sport teams from other countries in Europe or further. Sports tours is an unique occasion to visit a new country and culture as a team group and this is why it’s always special. With low cost airline companies such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Easyjet or even Air France (tarifs mini), it’s easy and cheap to travel and to come over our country.

Premium service and value for sport teams

ComeOn Sport is an inbound sport agency. We are a specialist Sports Tour agency and Sports Events Company and from our beginning, we offer “hand made” sports tours, groups packages and sports holidays for our clients at a fair cost. ComeOn Sport has a high reputation in France in
many sports for providing high level sports tours and travel, with a guarantee of quality and reliability to our clients. When teams or clubs travel with ComeOn Sport, you can be confident that your next trip is going to be smoothly and very well organized. Rugby tours, hockey tours, basketball tours, football tours etc… we are proud to help your team in coming over and help you in arranging, with you, all things you would need here.

A professionnal and covered company

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Sports Tours & Travel Tours Organising an exciting tour is a hard job and for a coach or a sport teacher, it’s sometimes something you don’t want to organize because of its difficulty and/or your poor knowledge of french. Our friendly tour managers and events coordinators are passionate about sport and dedicated to organising brilliant sports tours at affordable prices. Wherever you come from (Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa etc….), we organise a great and exciting tour for your team(s) thanks to our knowledge, our network, assets and fantastic fares & rates with our partners, especially the hotel industry and tourist industry. ComeOn Sport co-organizes sports tours & tournaments in France, Belgium, Switzerland and all French Speaking countries in the World. This website is designed to provide you with an overview of our broad range of solutions and services about sport tours, tournaments, pre-season matches etc…..

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ComeOn Sport is reliable and is fully protected and covered in terms of insurance. Our official et certified partners, such like Move Sport, Sport Travel or even ISLFootball T in Europe, are all liable, covered and insured. 

Our General Liability Insurance is the fundamentatours covered by insurancel insurance that most businesses have and ComeOn Sport is covered by HISCOX for its activities.(HISCOX Insurance Co Ltd Contract n° HA RCP 0281587).

Choose a reliable company. Being as efficient as possible, with highly customized itineraries, customized quotes, tours with ComeOn Sport are more valuable and less expensive that with any other companies.


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