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Feel free to contact us using the form. When sending the form, please give us as many details as you can about the details you need. The more precise you are, the better is is.  Name of your club, post adress, numbers, destination, categories, sport, average budget, meals basis etc….. All details are useful. Send us your enquiry and we will get in touch with you asap.


Please note that we receive between many enquiries per day (from France & the rest of the world) and sometimes, it takes time to answer to these enquiries. We can only provide informations to official members of clubs or entitled people who can organise tours on behalf of the club. No information will be provided unless we get the full details of your team/club (name, adress, category, budget etc….)

Since 2005, ComeOn SportComeOn Tours helps your team in organizing sports tours in France and Europe. Our sport agency will propose you some of the best packages and best prices. Our sport tours are all super organised and we are proud of the quality we propose to clubs.

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ComeOn Sport and ComeOn Tours, Events, Adverts is a French sport agency founded in 2005.


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