How to organize rugby tour. Forms & permissions

Rugby tour : when planning a tour with another Union, approval must be obtained in advance

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Teams tours and permissions. Organising a rugby tour overseas needs time, patience and organization skills. Going on tour is a fantastic way to discover a new country, a new culture, to build team spirit, morale and identity. Tours are a long-standing tradition of rugby in many countries and the best tours are usually the result of good planning and organization.

Schools, clubs & sports tours : when considering going on tour to France, some points need to be studied and one of them is the approval. All clubs or schools, for going on tour overseas, you will need permission from your home rugby union that is usually called the “Outgoing Tour Application form” or “Permission to tour overseas“. The Form can be obtained directly from your home rugby union and once it’s filled and completed, your club will have to get the approval of the host Rugby Union in the country you want to visit (FFR in France).

Age Groups & categories : please note that for junior rugby teams touring on the continent or Ireland, playing age categories operate on a different system to the one British clubs use in GB: where British teams use academic years, continental rules follow the calendar year (01/01 to 31/12). ComeOn Sport always ask for DOB when arranging the games.



How to organize a rugby tour to France? Dealing with us, you don’t need to worry about the french forms or approval permissions as we do it for you. In general, permission has to be given at least one month prior to the period you travel.


Tour Planning, Research, Tour itinerary, Personnel administration are some of the tacks you will have to deal with. If you want to get more details, please get in touch with us. ComeOn Sport organise rugby tours and helps your rugby club coming to France. Rely on us. ComeOn Sport organise rugby tours and helps rugby clubs in participating in rugby tournaments and festivals in France. Be aware that you may need your own insurance to protect yourselves while being on tour in France and in other European countries.

For more details about these questions, the RFU (and all other rugby unions in Europe) has provided a special website…

In order to check our several rugby tours samples, visit our website and check with us tours and packages availabilities. We will revert to you as soon as we can and propose you a great package for your next rugby trip.


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