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ComeOn Sport set up a partnership with Komm Mit

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ComeOn Sport and Komm Mit have agreed in a partnership for the period 2017-2019 in order to promote football tournaments in Europe and especially in France. For decades now, the KOMM MIT international youth football tournaments have been a fixed date in the schedule for the upcoming
komm mit and comeonsportfootball season for football clubs all over the world except France, where the German organisation is still unknown. Founded in 1983, KOMM MIT has been organizing youth football tournaments in Europe for 35 years now but the organisation is still not well known in France. This is why ComeOn Sport and Komm Mit have set up a 2-year-partnership in order to propose a catalogue of football tournaments to french football clubs. German football and tournament organized in this country is now open to ComeOn Sport.

Thanks to its great network of football clubs, ComeOn Sport will be able to help Komm Mit in increasing its fame in France. On the other side, ComeOn Sport will help french teams in the organisation of their football trip to reach the place where tournaments are organized. With the partnership, ComeOn Sport will also be able to attract more touring teams especially from Germany and increase its fame in this country where the agency is, so far, not known.


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