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ComeOn Sport & SportMember set up a business partnership

ComeOn Sport & the Danish company SportMember set up a business partnership

SportMember, Denmark and ComeOn Sport, France, has agreed a cooperation in 2020 in order to develop the visibility of their services in France, Belgium, Switzerland, The UK, Denmark and Germany.

What is Sport Member?

SportMember has developed a digital platform & a website in order to coordinate member fee payments, help coaches in organising trainings and fixtures as well as ameliorate information in clubs with the teams, players and members. With over 450.000 users in Europe, SportMember provides clubs and teams with various features to overcome daily tasks that need to be done in a club. The software is also a tool for sports club management with web builder that can help members to create webpages. Easy and efficient, it allows coaches, whether they manage or or 2 teams or over 15 team, to have contact information on all of the players and members (names, emails, home addresses, DOB). This management software is designed to organize the contact information in a practical manner so that the secretary, coach or president can have a great tool to manage and run the club.

Sport Member & ComeOn Sport

SportMember that is distributed between the 9 different countries in which they operate in Europe had large ambitions in France, Belgium and Switzerland and that’s why the partnership has been set up with the Sport Tours company ComeOn Sport (founded in 2005). ComeOn Sport thanks to its great network of clubs (rugby, football, basketball, handball, hockey) will help SportMember in increasing its visibility and reputation in France. At the same time, the French company will get some benefits from the cooperation with SportMember in earning more contacts and visibility in Denmark, Germany and the UK (ComeOn Sport already operates in the UK since 2005)

Presidents, Secretaries : if you’re managing a big organization with multiple teams, SportMember is the tool you need to help you run the club! Try it and you will be convinced that this software is an absolute necessity !


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