ComeOn Sport & Fosburit set up a business deal

ComeOn Sport & I Believe In You set up a business deal

Fosburit- I Believe In You & ComeOn Sport set up a deal in crowdfunding


Fosburit – I Believe In You, the French Swiss company specialised in crowdfunding and ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours have set up a deal for the incoming sport season.

Crowdfunding has proven itself popular in the UK and Europe in less than 5 years, having created a very good and very successful alternative in borrowing money by more traditional means. In France, crowdfunding remains small but like in the UK, the number of platforms increases and Fosburit has recently become one of the main ones. Crowdfunding is to become a huge investment trend, especially in sport and that is why the 2 French companies have joined their forces.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a good way for people, businesses, societies and charities to raise money. It generally works through individuals who invests in or donate to crowdfunding projects in return for a potential profit or reward. ComeOn Sport is pleased to link its website to the French Swiss plateform Fosburit- I Believe In You so that teams wishing to raise money will be able to do so. A sport tour can be expensive nowadays and clubs try their best at the beginning of the season to fundraise. Sometimes it’s not enough. Crowdfunding can them be a batter way for raise money on a larger scale. “If the teams raise all the money they need, then they can go on tour and tas a result, we can organise their tours. said the CEO of ComeOn Sport.

A win win deal

Fosburit- I Believe In You propose a mean of crowdfunding to sports clubs and sport teams that have a project (trip, tournament, camp etc….), ComeOn Sport propose sports services, tournaments and sports tours. Both companies are winner ! Crowdfunding will become more and more important in the future and it’s also important to make deals in the business of sport tours. The pioneers take it all in general and this is why this deal has been done.

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